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General & Cosmetic Dentist, Prescott Valley, AZ

Family Dentistry

Prescott Valley family dentistry Welcome to our Prescott Valley, AZ dental practice. Our dentist offers you and your family both general and cosmetic dentistry services. Regardless of your teeth's current condition, or how long since your last dental appointment, you can be confident Dr. Howden can provide effective solutions that are perfect for your personal needs.
Above all, we value your dental health
After your examination, the dentist may recommend treatments such as natural-color fillings, dental implants, porcelain veneers, or teeth whitening for whiter teeth and a more attractive appearance. The dentist and his staff will always work together with patients to evaluate their individual dental health and to accomplish their needs and goals.

It's important to know that the condition of anyone's teeth is proportionate to practicing proper oral hygiene. Regular dental cleanings and visits to the dentist combine to help keep your teeth free of cavities. We want to diagnose, detect and address any serious problems early on, especially issues such as gum disease which might pose potential risk for tooth loss.

Full Range of Dental Procedures
Here's a list of procedures our Prescott Valley practice can offer you. Dependent upon the patient's condition, some treatments may be combined. All treatments are prescribed for each patient's exact needs; Dr. Howden makes recommendations after the exam and x-rays.
dental procedures
• Dental Implants
• Porcelain Veneers
• Crowns, Onlays, Bridges
• Full, Fixed & Partial Dentures
• ClearCorrect (invisible braces)
• Non-metal Fillings
• Complete Teeth Makeovers
• Gum & Root Canal Therapies
• Professional Teeth Whitening
• Color-matched Composite Bonding
Cosmetic Dental Care
For dazzling, beautiful smiles
cosmetic dental care Advancements in dental technology have made new options available to improve your smile's appearance. We provide teeth whitening to eliminate stubborn stains and effective methods to straighten and beautify teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry includes techniques like natural-looking white fillings, ceramic veneers and bonding to close embarrassing spaces between teeth. A gorgeous new smile can improve confidence and boost self-esteem.

Teeth Restoration
For strong, healthy teeth
teeth restoration A full set of healthy teeth are important for good speech and eating. If you are missing teeth now, consider replacing them to keep adjacent teeth from becoming loose or moving apart without natural, side-by-side support.

Lost teeth can be replaced using dental implants, white-colored crowns and bridges, or with full and partial dentures. Your dentist may suggest implant dentistry for a secure foundation to prevent dentures from slipping.

All our patients are extra special
Everyone at our practice considers your dental health, the longevity of your smile and your overall well-being to be of the highest importance. We want you to be relaxed, comfortable and equally important, satisfied with the results of your dental care.

Dr. Howden really does take pride in his work and he enjoys greeting and speaking with each of his patients. We look forward to personally introducing ourselves to you and your family. Should you have questions or concerns, our staff are always happy to provide assistance.

Details About Our Practice
Photo courtesy Dr. Craig Howden Meet Our Dentist
A graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, Dr. Craig S. Howden is a member of the American Dental Association, the Arizona Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. He and his wife have three sons with the new arrival of twins in 2011. His hobbies include doing anything outdoors with family.

new dental patient Welcome New Patients
Dr. Howden will thoroughly examine every new patient first, before suggesting treatment. In addition to accepting new patients, we also want to mention that our offices are always kept very clean and we employ highly-effective sterilization measures to keep our dental instruments, chairs and counter surfaces sanitary.

dental patient registration Patient Questionnaire
Prior to seeing the dentist, each new dental patient is asked to give information about their dental condition, their medical history and other details. This data helps the patient understand our office policies and enables the dentist to provide patients with the best possible care. You can access these forms online.

insurance and payment options Payment and Insurance Options
Patients are expected to pay for dental services on the day of their treatment. We accept cash, checks, credit cards, plus we work with all insurance company providers. We also offer a financing option through Care Credit®. Patients are ultimately responsible for all fees and for procedures not covered by insurance.

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6455 N Viewpoint Dr, Suite 600, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
Teeth Whitening
Professional teeth whitening methods can remove unsightly tooth discoloration and stains caused by coffee, smoking, or aging.
Porcelain Veneers
Thin ceramic shells can be affixed to tooth surfaces to fill gaps, remove any defects, repair broken teeth & improve appearance.
Partials & Bridges
For replacing lost teeth and filling spaces between teeth; improves how you look and your ability to chew and digest your food.
Dental Implants
Small metal posts are carefully anchored in the jawbone under the gums, then capped with a natural-colored, porcelain crown.
front reception desk, patient waiting room
Serene, Comfortable Setting
Everything, including dental equipment is spotless and brand new. With caring people and staff, you'll enjoy your appointments. Be sure to read our patient reviews too.
Complete Dental Makeovers
We have the experience and facility to transform any preexisting dental condition into a functional, beautiful smile. The dentist custom designs a treatment plan for each patient and performs all work here in our office.
Leading-Edge Technology
Advanced dental technology enables our practice to provide patients with an unparalleled precision and level of safety. We incorporate 100% digital radiographs having up to 90% less radiation, plus Intra-oral cameras.
dental office building front entrance
Convenient, Flexible Hours
You can schedule your office visits for mornings, evenings and even holidays. Please call the office for available times.
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